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Business Incubator Boot camp with Wilson Luna

One weekend in early August, I took myself along to a Business Incubator Bootcamp, which is run over a weekend by ‘Business Prophet’ Wilson Luna.

I went in with an open mind, not knowing what information would be shared, or the presenters view and philosophy on business.

Pushing a few cult-ish moments aside (think loud proclamations of ‘yes YES’ being called across the room throughout the presentations) I was pleasantly surprised—valuable information was shared, and I walked away having learned something new and with a fresh perspective.

It was a MASSIVE two days and by the end of the weekend I could not absorb any more information. I don’t think it sunk in until the week following.

What I want to talk about isn’t my weekend, but instead, what I learned and also the topic of professional development and constantly extending and challenging yourself.

What I learned:

  • That ‘decisions’ are key to success (personal or professional). If you don’t make decisions you’re paralysed by indecision.
  • Knowing your purpose or the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing is really valuable. It’s what is driving you, so if it isn’t big enough, you won’t continue to strive towards it.
  • Forget transactions, it’s about relationships (I was always a devotee of client relationships anyway). A relationship with your clients is such a valuable asset to your business.
  • Know what benefit you provide or problem you solve for your clients.
  • Value is key. Every interaction your client has with you should provide them with something of value. Be so valuable they can’t help but be around you/want you in their lives.
  • Time = Money. Do not ever undervalue your time or think it is not worth anything. If you undervalue your time, others will too.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. Your success is very much affected by the people you have around you. Being successful isn’t about being the best at everything; it’s about knowing the team and resources you need around you, and when to call on them.

Much of the points that resonated with me were things that I already knew, but sometimes it takes someone else saying it to really bring it home. You know what I mean?

Some of the things covered over the course of the weekend were like a smack in the face. They really challenged me and my way of thinking and prompted my to really look at what was important.

It was a great exercise that honed my focus and got me back to where I wanted to go.

My learning and development style is one that benefits from a regular burst of professional development or new learning. What about you? How much value do you place on on-going education and learning? Do you actively pursue professional development opportunities or take a more ad-hoc approach?

I think that everyone learns differently but I do thing on-going learning throughout your career is really important. With techniques and technology changing all the time, I think we owe it to ourselves and our clients to ensure we’re in-the-know.

And, on a more personal note, the more to you know/read about, the more interesting dinner conversation you can make!

A book review on ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership’ by Wilson Luna is to follow.

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