Spring clean your business: Part 4 – act now

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For our fourth and final ‘spring clean your business’ post we’re beefing it up and share within five more ways to breathe new life into your business.


  1. Challenge yourself – if there is something you have been wanting to do but holding back, now is the time. It’s a new season so take this opportunity to challenge yourself and tackle that thing you’ve been putting off.
  2. Try something new – do something you haven’t done before, it could open up a whole range of possibilities.
  3. Learn something new – go out and soak up all of the great information that is out there. There are so many resources (for business and more) on the internet. Set aside a couple of hours to go through and read those blog posts you’ve been putting aside, or find some new resources to read each week.
  4. Take immediate action – whatever you have decided to take away from this series, make the choice and take action. Don’t get sucked in my the law of diminishing intent. Apply the things you’ve learned now while the excitement is strong.
  5. Commit to it – stick to the activities you’ve chosen to undertake. You won’t get instant results, so keep at it. Your commitment will be rewarded.

We’d love to hear about how you refreshed things in your business this spring. Tell us what you did by commenting below.

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