Spring clean your business: Part 3 – nurturing relationships & connections

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We believe that relationships are key to business success. So if you’re not already in the habit of nurturing your business relationships, now is a great time to start.

  1. Stay connected to news and issues around your business – find a way to make sure you’re on top of the key topics, issues and trends affecting your business and industry. Make a habit of reading your favourite industry publications and other media. Better still; set up Google alerts and you’ll get the news delivered to your inbox every day. Not only do you know what’s affecting you but also those around you.
  2. Talk to your team – find out from them what they think could be improved. Give your team the opportunity to contribute to the success of the business and engage them in this process. Just like your customers, your team can give you some really valuable information.
  3. Share your vision – people love being a part of something bigger. If you are not in the habit of it, share your vision with people. Get them excited about what you’re doing and they can’t help but want to be part of your journey.

Our fourth and final part of this series will be available next week. Happy reading!

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