A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none

With this is mind we decided that we’re not going to try to do everything for you. We’ll do what we know well.


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Strategy and consulting

We know that knowledge is power and Exalt PR loves sharing our knowledge and expertise with businesses so they have all the tools to be strong communicators.

Don’t let passive and reactive communication habits hold you back any longer. Become an expert communicator in three months with our intensive mentoring program.

We teach you to engage your target market, create a strong communication strategy, and secure on-going publicity for your business.

We cover:

  • creating a communication strategy that suits your business and target markets – it’s completely tailored to you!
  • developing systems and processes to support your activities – they remove uncertainty and maximise your time
  • publicity – how to identify news angles within your business and share that information in the right way to secure publicity for your business; as well as media release writing and distribution
  • content and messaging – how to create dynamic and interesting content that you can share
  • people and relationships – identify the key relationships that affect your business and what partnerships and alliances you want to set up to take your business to the next level.


  • 5x 90min one-on-one sessions (either in person or over Skype)
  • a weekly work program to keep you on track and to fine tune your new skills
  • unlimited email and phone support throughout the program (weekdays during business hours)
  • templates and guides
  • implementation methods/techniques that get results.

To learn more about the private mentoring, contact Bridget at bridget@exaltpr.com.au.


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Are people aware of your business? Have you carefully created and managed your profile, and are you continuing to build it?

We can work with you to get your business out there and establish your public profile through our publicity and media liaison services:

  • Media release writing – we’ll work with you to identify your news/story angle and then prepare a dynamic and captivating media release that can be sent to the right people.

You can send it to them yourself or Exalt PR can distribute it on your behalf.

  • Media release writing + distribution – we’ll work with you to identify your news/story angle and then prepare a dynamic and captivating media release that can be sent to the right people. We’ll then pitch your story to targeted media, as well as follow it up to ensure maximum chance of success.
  • Tailor made campaign – if you’re looking longer term, we can put together a PR campaign that has you regularly sharing valuable and relevant information with your target media. We can do this for a three, six or 12 month period. This includes all content and distribution.

Let’s talk about how Exalt PR can get your business the publicity it deserves. Contact Bridget at bridget@exaltpr.com.au.


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Are you talking to your customers in their language or yours? You need to know, because it makes all the difference.

Exalt PR work with your to create content and messages that speak directly to your target markets. It’s about cutting through the clutter.

We do copywriting for:

  • websites
  • newsletters
  • articles and stories
  • speeches
  • fact and information sheets
  • advertisements
  • promotional material (e.g. flyers, brochures, posters)
  • invitations
  • blogs
  • profiles and bios
  • and more!

Let’s talk about how Exalt PR can help you with your content and messages. Contact Bridget at bridget@exaltpr.com.au.