Need content ideas? Here are 8 different types of content you can share

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Stuck for ideas of what to share with your customers? There is a wealth of content within your business that you probably don’t even realise. You might think it’s boring but to those on the outside, it’ fascinating stuff.

Here are eight different content ideas for you to share:

  1. tell a story—share how you business came to be or what got you into your profession
  2. share good news—tell people about your successes and achievements
  3. profile someone—put faces to your business and highlight the different people working for you. The trick is to profile the whole person, not just their professional selves
  4. day in the life—chronicle the ‘day in the life’ of a particular role at your organisation (e.g. day in the life of a CEO, day in the life of a customer service officer). Give people some insight into the day-to-day of your business and what roles keep it running
  5. myth busting/demystifying an aspect of your business—are their common misconceptions about your business or industry? Why not tell people what really goes on
  6. did you know…?—share some interesting statistics of facts about your business. People love a good infographic or reading some unusual facts
  7. set a challenge—create a challenge and encourage your audience/readers to take part (e.g. 30 day savings challenge, 90-day marking bootcamp) and go on the journey with them. It’s a great opportunity for people to share their progress with you and interact
  8. teach your readers something—share your knowledge and expertise in an easy-to-apply format. E.g. How to create a budget in six steps, five ways to build online engagement, 10 healthy dinner recipes.

To begin with, trail sharing a range of different content with your readers. Over time, you’ll find out what information resonates most with them.

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