Four ways businesses are sabotaging their communications

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Many businesses are sabotaging their communications activities without even realising it.

Business owners are busy and their attention is being pulled in many directions. Many are not putting sufficient planning and processes in place to manage their communications activities. As a result, they are sabotaging themselves without even realising it.

Communication needs to be addressed across the board including the marketing, promotions, publicity, websites, social media, customer relationships and business correspondence.

The trouble is that most people see each activity in isolation and there is no strategy to bind them and guide these activities.

Putting a system in place to guide these activities is paramount.

Many businesses are communicating with good intentions but their messages are falling short because of a few common mistakes.

Often, there can be a lack of initial planning around communications activities, which leads to inconsistency, erratic communication and things being more complicated than they need to be.

Not only that, businesses end up losing focus and confidence.

A few simple changes can make all the difference.

Here are some common ways that businesses sabotage themselves:

  1. Not having a plan—good communication is backed by a well thought out plan. Your plan doesn’t need to be complicated but you do need one.
  2. Being inconsistent—if you don’t have a plan, your communications activities tend to be ad hoc and not well thought out. Consistency helps keep you front of mind with your customers and clients, teaches them what to expect of you and ensures you stay on message.
  3. Making things complicated—keep it simple; don’t create something extravagant when simple and practical will do. It’s not about making things hard for your business; it’s about being smart.
  4. Spreading themselves too thin—adopt the ‘less is more approach’. Master a handful of communication activities that are relevant to your business and your customer. You don’t have to be on every social media channel, just because everyone else is.

The affect communication has on a business should not be underrated, and business owners who understand this are the reaping the rewards.

Understanding and some action can make all the difference.

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