Five tips for injecting new life into your business

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While most homeowners spring clean their house, business owners would be wise to do the same with their own operations.

Just like homeowners, business owners should use the change of seasons to clean up their businesses and breathe new life into their communications.

Like anything, your communication can become stale if it’s not paid any attention and the same thing is churned out over and over again.

If your web copy has been the same since your business started or you still have the same brochure from 2010 it is time to make a change.

It’s not only those big ticket items like websites—business owners should also be thinking about social media, the way their speak to customers and any other business correspondence.

Giving your communication activities a once over and tossing out anything that’s no longer working or re-purposing stale content, is a habit that all businesses should get into.

For example, read through your website content and check that it’s all up to date and giving your customers the information they need. Are you making it easy for people to find information and contact you?

Look at what you’ve sent out in your past newsletters, is there content in there that you can develop further and turn into a blog post?

By working through what you’ve currently got and tweaking it, you can open your business up to a whole new bank of content.

Here are five ways to breathe new life into your business:

  • Read your business plan—identify whether your business goals and objectives have been achieved or are in progress. If not, what needs to happen to help you get there?
  • Review your communication/marketing/promotional plan—again, have your goals and objectives been achieved? Look at your priorities moving forward and what needs to happen to achieve them. Your communication objectives should support your business objectives, so make sure they align.
  • Set some priorities up to the end of the year (make these last couple of months count)—make a list of the things you want to get done between now and Christmas, and identify the tasks that will get you there.
  • Identify one to two campaign ideas—these should be ideas that you can develop and promote to your customers over the next six months.
  • Talk to your customers—ask them what they want and need, and if they’re getting it from you. If you ask, most people are willing to answer. You’d be surprised how much you can learn.

Not exclusively for springtime, make this kind of communication audit a regular business activity.

Businesses should get into the habit of auditing their communication activities every quarter to check their progress and adjust their activities where they need to.

This doesn’t have to be a monumental exercise, and the more often you do it, the easier it will become.

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