Enjoy your downtime, don’t work through it

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The articles over on Business Insider Australia are always insightful and help Team EPR put some stuff into perspective.

We don’t know about you, but when faced with a ¬†long weekend or public holiday there is always the temptation to use one of those days to catch up or get ahead with work. Often, it’s seen as going that ‘extra mile’ and proving yourself to your boss of clients. But, is it really?

The best way to work is smarter, not harder so why not plan ahead and take advantage of your downtime, rather that working through it and coming out of a long weekend feeling a little bitter and twisted that you didn’t get to enjoy your time off like everyone else.

Take a look at this article and the tips they share about what successful people do to prepare (and enjoy!) their long weekends. 

Thanks for another great article Business Insider Australia!!



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