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The Intern Diaries: Part 4 – What a Wednesday!

Here’s a post from our Intern, Emma, about Queensland’s recent ‘big’ Wednesday…We had another leadership spill, and an Origin upset (and to round it out, it was a big episode of Offspring too!). We’re a bit late in posting this, but still wanted to share it with you. Hello everyone! Wow, what a Wednesday Queensland…

The Intern Diaries: Part 3 – Great Gatsby Review

The Intern Diaries: Part 3 - Great Gatsby Review

Hello everyone! Recently, one Friday after finishing up here at EPR, I went and saw The Great Gatsby. It’s one of those films that is such a spectacle, such a big project, that you’re almost compelled to see it. Turning classic prose into a film is always a risk, but Baz has done it before…

The Intern Diaries: Part 2 – YouTube

Hello everyone! While I was procrastinating on YouTube the other day (as we all do), I was browsing through some videos and channels, and came across a whole (mostly British) ‘YouTuber’ community with millions of subscribers. These teens or twenty-somethings with millions of viewers have created a whole career out of filming their everyday lives…

In the news: Exalt Public Relations – YMagazine

We recently had an article published in the May edition of Y Magazine. Have you read this publication before? Why not check it out at    

Making a name for yourself & building brand awareness

Ever wondered what you can do to help build a name for yourself and increase your brand awareness? Think laterally – don’t just look at your typical business activities or ways of doing things. Think about opportunities to would benefit from your skills and knowledge. For example, become a guest blogger or guest contributor to…

In the news: Exalt Public Relations

Here are some screen grabs of the recent articles EPR Director, Bridget had published on Low Budget Living (                    

The Intern Diaries: Part 1 – Hello

Hello everyone! My name is Emma, and I’m the new intern for Exalt PR. I’ve been here about six weeks now, working with Bridget within the public relations and communications industry. I’m a QUT student studying a dual degree of Business (Accounting) and Media and Communication, and was trying to gain experience in the field…

In the news: Exalt Public Relations – 24hrs with PR self starter…

Want to know about the day-in-the-life of a PR woman? And a small business owner? Find out here. Our Director, Bridget, was featured in Smarter Business Ideas, ’24hrs with’ section. Here is her story.

In the news: Exalt Public Relations

Here’s a recent article from Director, Bridget, on women and money and why she is setting out on a path to financial freedom and stability. Read the full article on The Peach:  

In the news: Exalt Public Relations – Women at Work

Recently, our Director was featured in the Women at Work series by online publication, The Peach ( Here, Bridget shared her story and what it’s like running Exalt Public Relations. Pop on over, have a read and tell us what you think.