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Spring clean your business: Part 3 – nurturing relationships & connections

Spring clean your business: Part 3 - nurturing relationships & connections

We believe that relationships are key to business success. So if you’re not already in the habit of nurturing your business relationships, now is a great time to start. Stay connected to news and issues around your business – find a way to make sure you’re on top of the key topics, issues and trends…

Spring clean your business: Part 2 – fresh content

Spring clean your business: Part 2 - fresh content

Content is king! Don’t leave your customers reading the same old boring information over and over again; keep it fresh and exciting. One of the best ways to breathe new life into your business communication is with updated content. Don’t worry, you don’t have to scrap all of your existing content and start from scratch….

Nurturing your brand

Nurturing your brand

Brand (noun).  The name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers. Your brand is an intangible asset but it’s possibly the most valuable asset your business has. Why? It’s a holistic representation of your business – it’s values and what it stands for. A…

Spring clean your business: Part 1 – back to basics

Spring clean your business: Part 1 - back to basics

Many of us use this time to get our homes in order and purge unwanted stuff, so why not do the same in your business?  It’s springtime. Use this time to breathe some new life into your business and freshen up anything that’s looking a bit stale. Over September we’re running a four part series…

Why federal politicians are a branding nightmare!

Why federal politicians are a branding nightmare!

Your brand is one of your most important assets. Just like a baby, it needs nurturing, protection and support while it’s growing and once it’s found its feet, it needs to be maintained so that it remains big and strong. To create a good brand requires careful curating of who and what you associate your…

SourceBottle – connecting media with sources

Have you ever heard of or used SourceBottle? It’s a resource that was created to connect media to sources – and what a brilliant invention it is! If you’re a business and looking to establish yourself as an expert in your field, why not give it a go. I have used it before, in both…

All things tea. Our experience at Bright Learning

Recently, I was lucky enough be invited along to Bright HQ, the custom headquarters of Brisbane’s Bright Learning – a group that’s focus is creating awesome learning experiences. We have been working with Bright Learning for a little while now, so it was great to experience first hand one of their courses. I went along…

10 things that businesses do wrong when it comes to social media

We recently came across this article on discussing the ‘10 things that businesses do wrong with social media’. Read the full article here. Here’s our review of their tips. Have a look and tell us what you think too! 1)   Broadcasting instead of engaging. Agree, it’s all about engagement. If you’re just dumping information…

Tips for blogger engagement from Bluewire Media

Here’s an article we read from the team at Bluewire Media in Brisbane about connecting with bloggers. It contains some great information and smart tips/techniques for building your blogger engagement. One of Bluewire’s director’s, Adam Franklin, wrote this for StartUp Smart. Their ‘tips for getting ignored’ are so true! Yet, so many people still do…

The Intern Diaries: Part 5 – Emma goes to Sydney

Hello everyone! Last week I embarked on something special – a week in Sydney for some work experience at Pacific Magazines. Although I was away from EPR, I was learning and being introduced to the magazine world. Here’s the low down: I was in Sydney for a week, and did work experience for 5 days….