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Exalt Public Relations is the result of owner, Bridget, deciding to jump head-first into a new challenge—establishing her own successful communications business. It is a challenge she has grabbed with both hands and, from the beginning, has seen the positive rewards of her hard work, discipline and self belief.

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Having worked her way up from junior communications roles to managing a team of communications professionals, Bridget brings a breadth of experience to each project.

Bridget is passionate about working with businesses, brands, organisations and initiatives to help them realise their communications goals and be good, strong communicators.

Realising that many businesses were very much interested in communications and media but did not possess the skills in-house to tackle the task, she knew she could get involved and help them.

Exalt Public Relations is the culmination of Bridget’s experience, career aspirations and dedication to providing high-level service to her clients.