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The Intern Diaries: Part 3 – Great Gatsby Review

The Intern Diaries: Part 3 - Great Gatsby Review

Hello everyone! Recently, one Friday after finishing up here at EPR, I went and saw The Great Gatsby. It’s one of those films that is such a spectacle, such a big project, that you’re almost compelled to see it. Turning classic prose into a film is always a risk, but Baz has done it before…

The Intern Diaries: Part 2 – YouTube

Hello everyone! While I was procrastinating on YouTube the other day (as we all do), I was browsing through some videos and channels, and came across a whole (mostly British) ‘YouTuber’ community with millions of subscribers. These teens or twenty-somethings with millions of viewers have created a whole career out of filming their everyday lives…

In the news: Exalt Public Relations – YMagazine

We recently had an article published in the May edition of Y Magazine. Have you read this publication before? Why not check it out at    

Making a name for yourself & building brand awareness

Ever wondered what you can do to help build a name for yourself and increase your brand awareness? Think laterally – don’t just look at your typical business activities or ways of doing things. Think about opportunities to would benefit from your skills and knowledge. For example, become a guest blogger or guest contributor to…